Change Is The Only Constant in Security

Times, they are a’changing.

By now you’ve noticed something looks a bit different around these parts. Or perhaps this is your first trip to the site. Either way, we have launched a new website this week, not simply to provide a more visual and dynamic way to talk about what we do, but we are changing ourselves.

When Click started out we had a mission:

To easily capture and share the knowledge of security analysts in the form of analytics so that we can collaboratively defend against the broad and evolving threat landscape.

Today that mission remains true to what we provide in our product and what we promise to our customers. And, like any software company, we’ve discovered new and innovative ways to allow our product to deliver on the mission. Additionally we’ve discovered our customers using the product in ways we didn’t imagine when we started, from incident response and threat detection, to user behavior analytics and compliance.

In fact this is the true nature of analytics as a whole; they are simply a diagnostic test that you run over your data to gain better visibility into your full network. As time goes on we, and our customers, continue to provide more and more of these diagnostics to discover, visualize, prioritize, and resolve threats to our network.

Enjoy the new site, provide us with feedback, and get ready for more content from the entire Click family.