Click Security Debuts Integration with Bit9 + Carbon Black for Analytics-Powered Proactive Incident Response

Click Security joins the “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an Incident Response Partner

Click Security, the innovator in proactive incident response, today announced new product integration with Bit9 + Carbon Black to help security teams use analytics-driven intelligence to become more proactive. Using Click, users gain visibility into curious and suspicious behavior in their environments, and the ability to analyze the data to detect threats before they become an issue. Now, through seamless integration with Carbon Black, Click users can perform investigations all the way to the endpoint, in order to more rapidly resolve incidents.

The companies also announced today the inclusion of Click Security into the “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an incident response (IR) partner. As a “Connect” IR partner, Click employs Carbon Black to more quickly and confidently help its customers remediate attacks and breaches.

Proactive Incident Response At Your Fingertips

“Visibility has become one of the most critical requests of security teams as they fight through an over abundance of data, alerts, and notifications,” said Brian Smith, CTO, Click Security. “Using Click our customers gain direct intelligence from the network data they already have to literally see the curious, suspect, and malicious behavior. It made sense to then provide our users the ability to truly see their investigations to the endpoint using Carbon Black. Using these products together, security teams will now have the visibility to more quickly detect the behaviors putting their organization at risk, but rapidly determine the entire history down to the endpoint for immediate and conclusive resolution.”

“Incident response is no longer limited to post-breach activities,“ said Brian Hazzard, vice president of technical alliances, Bit9 + Carbon Black. “Modern IR teams are now playing an active part in detecting suspicious behavior on their enterprises before an incident occurs. By combining Click Security’s analytics-driven approach with Carbon Black’s detection and response capabilities, organizations have a stronger security posture than ever before.”


About Click Security

Click transforms your incident response team from reactive to proactive by giving them the visibility they need to protect your organization. By rapidly delivering contextual intelligence, Click can detect, investigate, and resolve these threats before an incident occurs. The technology then works to capture the collective knowledge of analysts to continuously learn and identify future risk. See it, secure it, and share it at


Threat Assessment Reporting for the C-Suite

As the role of cyber security in businesses increases, company leadership, from the CEO and CISO all the way to the Board of Directors, are demanding clearer visibility into their organization’s risks and threats. The reasons are plentiful, ranging from business risk management and overall security assurance, to brand and investor reputation. Today’s company is thinking about security more and more, perhaps not to the same level as profit margins, but it is now a topic often discussed in the C-Suite, beyond the CISO, and more often into the board room.

The recent NYSE/Veracode survey “Cybersecurity in the Board Room” goes deep into this topic and shows quite clearly that cybersecurity IS being discussed in board meetings:


The problem, however, has been how to best provide data to the board, especially when you might only have 15 minutes. The same NYSE survey discusses this:

“When asked how they would like cybersecurity information to be presented, nearly two-thirds of respondents indicated a strong preference for either risk metrics or high-level strategy descriptions. It’s clear that CISOs should be speaking to the board in terms directors understand…”

Armed with business-oriented metrics, data visualizations, and threat exposures, a security team can quickly update leadership on the current state of security, as well as create confidence for future technology and business decisions.

Click Introduces Security Reporting Even The Board Can Understand

Today we released a C-Level security intelligence dashboard directly within the Click platform. Our users can now quickly generate reports that visualize potential risks and exposures in both historical and real-time context, while providing intelligence to drive business awareness and decisions. The reports graphically depict not only where risks lie, but also what has been done and what still needs to be accomplished. Much like a sales forecast, our new threat assessment reports provide data analysis for immediate business decisions, which will help ensure the resiliency of the company against cyber attack.

You can use the new reports dashboard to get a high-level view of how your network’s risk profile has changed over time. With one click these reports can be accessed in the Click solution, and then scheduled to automatically run and even be delivered directly to company leaders on a pre-determined schedule. Reports include the ability to:

  • Assess system-tuning and security prioritization efforts by visualizing all security alerts, and their severity, threatening the company.
  • Visualize trends in advanced malware detection across the network and how it is being handled.
  • Identify unusual and abnormal authentication activity and show all failed authentications grouped by type to provide intelligence on malicious user behavior.
  • Analyze blacklist activity and show the number of blacklisted hosts grouped by whether the source or destination was blacklisted.
  • Identify unauthorized communication channels by showing IRC, RDP, SSH, DNS, TOR, and other activity grouped.
  • Ensure employee quality of experience with analysis of users gaining correct and authorized access to systems needed to perform their jobs.

We’re really excited about this new feature, and so are our customers (see below!). Ping us now and schedule a demo and see how it could help your team not only protect your network more proactively, but communicate with your business leadership. Look forward to showing off this feature and others, and we’ll leave you with this:

“Click Security has just added a reporting capability that matches exactly what we were looking for, said Michael Kennemer, Info-Sec Operations Lead at Celanese.  “They have been very responsive to our needs from one release to the next and the new reporting features answers questions before we need to ask.”

Click Security Advances Reporting Capabilities

Customer-driven reports tailored for analysts and CISOs

Click Security, a frontrunner in cyber threat investigation, announced today new reporting capabilities of their product, highlighting the essential security metrics for both analysts and CISOs.

A key feature of Click Security’s analytics platform is the reporting function. The Click reporting system is designed to meet both analyst and management needs. Daily reports now include a summary of security alerts, malware hits, successful authentications, failed authentications, blacklist hits, and even such things as Internet shells and tunnels. These reports allow customers to observe trends and gain an understanding of their overall security posture.

“Click Security has just added a reporting capability that matches exactly what we were looking for, said Michael Kennemer, Info-Sec Operations Lead at Celanese Chemicals.  “They have been very responsive to our needs from one release to the next and the new reporting features answers questions before we need to ask the product.”

Deepak Surana, Chief Product Officer of Click Security added  “We continue to mature our solution to meet enterprise needs and we have worked very closely with our customers to ensure our reports directly meet their requirements.”

About Click Security

Click Security’s next-generation security investigation solution enables customers to rapidly identify, investigate and respond to cyber threats and breaches. Our solution force multiplies today’s stretched security teams by automatically converting millions of alerts into high-risk actors, streamlining investigative efforts, and converting findings into new analytics for continuous protection. Dangerous adversaries will get in. Click Security narrows the enterprise risk gap by proactively finding security exposures as well as responding to adversary kill chain activity before it’s too late.